Chapter One

“Levitea!!!! Wake Up!!!” her mom screaming from downstairs.
“I’m up. I’m up! I’m up and away……” Levitea calls to her mom as she falls back to sleep.
“You are going to be late for your first day of school!” she screams at Levitea as she stomps up the stairs, walks into Levitea’s room, and turn on the lights. “Come on wake up. If you get to school early maybe you will find some cute boy in your class you might like. After all you are going to the tenth grade now.”
Levitea starts to wiggle down under the covers. “Just five more minutes… please.” Levitea drifts right back to sleep.
Her mom comes over to her bed and starts to shake her until finally Levitea wakes up and starts to sit up. “Mrs. Tresa what are you doing? I was flying in the sky and using all kinds of magic spells then I married the prince of our country, the prince of Kashila, and everything in my wonderful dream. Couldn’t you have just left me asleep for a little bit longer?” Levitea tells her mom with her sleepy voice as she stares at her mother.
“NO! And it is MOM! Stop calling me by my first name whenever you get frustrated. Now get ready for school!” yelling at Levitea as she went back down stairs.
Levitea gets out of her bed and looks at herself in the mirror on her dresser. Her long black hair that reaches down to her waist was in am absolute mess, sticking out in every direction. Her usually pretty blue eyes showed that she had stayed up pretty late because they were very puffy and red. “Maybe I shouldn’t have stayed up to finish reading about the cute elf boy and the supposedly cute dark elf boy which really isn’t that cute at all,” she thinks to herself “I even look paler this morning as well.” Her very light brown skin had turned almost white from the lack of sleep from the previous night. She takes off her pure white long night gown she had slept in and starts to put on her new clothes her mom has bought for to start the new school year off. She put own her short gray shorts, semi-long white t-shirt, and her black jacket that is the same length as the shirt. She combed her hair and putted a part to the right side of her head and let her bangs come down and cover her forehead but not her eyes. Then she brushed her hair until everything was in place. She opened up the antic jewelry box that her mom told her that she had got for her when they found out she was going to be a girl. She took our her blue diamond earrings and put them on. She grabbed her black high heels and slipped them on.
“Levitea!” her mom screamed from downstairs, “breakfast is ready!”
“I’ll be down in a second! I’m all dressed! I just have to pack my backpack!” Levitea yells back to her mom as she takes her new infinite dimensional backpack she bought at one of the family stores yesterday. Her backpack was white with black details including her name “Levitea” at the top. She started to put all her school books she received in the mail not to long ago from Alemary High School.
She started to go down the stairs to family bakery, Tiry Hury Bakery, to eat her breakfast. Their bakery bakes everything from tiny breads to huge cakes, which is why tiry comes from tiny and hury comes from huge.
She heads into the family dining area and sits at the table with her mom, her big brother, her dad, and notices a big birthday cake on the table that says “Happy 16th Birthday Levitea.” Her family starts to congratulate her and sing her the happy birthday song, and at the same time Levitea starts to turn around and leave the room but comes back in.
“I forgot I always get the worse birthday present every year, the present of starting a whole new school year over. My birthday always on the first day of school unless it is on a weekend,” sighs Levitea.
Levitea’s mom and dad start to look at each other and nudging each one forward, but when Levitea looks at them, they stop and her dad takes out a wrapped box from behind his back and hands it to Levitea.
Levitea takes the present, unwraps it, and takes out a white gold necklace with a big blue diamond pendant. The pendant had a very fancy white gold rim around it with a swirl, a flowers, a cube, and a sun. It is just like the earrings she has on. “It is so pretty and it matches my earrings,” Levitea gasps. “Thank you so much dad.”
Her mom stills hesitates to give her the gift that she has behind her back. Then her brother takes the letter from behinds her moms back and gives it to Levitea, “Hey, this is a letter from your real parents. When they bought you here they left a letter and told us to give it to you on your 16th birthday” said Kailan.
“A letter from my real parents, really Kailan?” Levitea asked.
“ Yes.” Kailan and Levitea’s parents also nodded. Then she took the letter and opens it.
Dear Levitea,
It is time for you to go to school, so stop dreaming that you
married the prince in your dreams, because it just isn’t going
to happen. I hope you have WONDERFUL birthday and an
AWESOME day at school.
Your Big Brother Kailan.

Levitea looks up at her family and throws the letter down. “ARE YOU GUYS KIDDING ME?!?!” She takes her necklace and puts it own. Then she grabs a piece of bread and leaves for school. “I’m leaving!”
Her whole family started to laugh and shout at her “You know we love you Levitea!
“But we just had to do it when your mom told us about your dream this morning,” Kailan shouts to Levitea while he is laughing. “Have fun at school!”


Chapter one is underway! And will be released as soon as I finish writing it. Hopefully within the next day or two at the most.

Merry Christmas!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!


Lakavia, a world filled with Magic, Martial Arts, and Technology. However not everyone gets a chance to learn those, only the nobles. The people without noble blood, get to learn how to carry out every day jobs and work for their keep. Despite having to work hard for an enjoyable life, pheasants lives are really not that bad. Nothing is ever free for the pheasants, but the total opposite for nobles. Everything is free for nobles, food, housing, money, everything, but because they are the only ones who can learn magic, martial arts, and technology, they are the only ones who can fight and defend their country.

Pheasants always welcome nobles with open hands and give them their thanks for fighting for them. The relationship between pheasants and nobles is a good one, and they don’t treat each other higher or lower than themselves. There is always a bad side to each group of course, there are some nobles who think they should be superior to the pheasants, and there are some pheasants trying to find a way to be nobles.

So is there a way for a pheasant to become a noble? No, there is not. The ability to learn magic, which is necessary for all nobles, is usually passed down a bloodline, but there are some instances where pheasants are born with magic powers and nobles are born without magic powers.

Every baby that is born in Lakavia is tested to have magical powers or not. It is a really simple test because nobles are born to only have magic powers for an affinity and may be able to develop others later. They place a blank sheet of power that has be blessed to increase the magic effects of whoever stands before in front of the baby. Because babies do not know how to use their magical powers, this piece of paper basically draws their power from them and enhances it until it materializes. If the baby is able to use magic then the paper with take after a characteristic of an affinity and that characteristic shows which affinity the baby has. For example if the baby has a wind affinity then the paper begins to float, or if the baby has a fired affinity then the paper begins to burn and smoke. There have been rare cases where babies are born with two affinities and when they do the test, the piece of paper just takes two characteristics at once. So a baby with fire and wind affinity, the magical paper flies and burns at the same time.
So that is how the family and the government knows if the baby has magic powers or not. If the so than the baby goes down the road of being a noble, if not then the baby goes down the road to become a good pheasant. However, if a baby who is born without an affinity and parents are nobles, then the baby is adopted into a pheasant family, so that when the baby grows up it will not feel inferior to any of the kids that he or she grows up with. If a baby is born with a affinity and the parents are pheasants, than the baby is adopted into a noble family. This usually doesn’t happen right away, the family is given time to spend with their child until the child is place into their new families, and when they are older the parents and the adopted parents may decided to tell the child the truth about their birth and let them meet their real parents. There is no way to obtain magically powers, either you are born with them or you’re not.

Welcome to the peaceful world of Lakavia.

StoryTeller, a place where stories are told. If I can get the blog up and running, then learn all the tools, I will begin to post the stories chapter by chapter. I hope you will enjoy them!

Welcome to StoryTeller, A place where stories are told. I hope you enjoy visiting my blog, reading the stories, and continue to support me. Thank you so much!

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